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Where is Jacobsville headed?
Home Gardening

Livability Goal

Cultivating an environment where neighborhood residents thrive in health, habitat, and hope.

Action Items:

Grocery store- Develop a clean, safe space for neighbors to be able to purchase healthy, fresh food, within Jacobsville.

Create more support for renters to be able to advocate for themselves when it comes to renter/landlord relationships.

Improve relationships between neighbors and law enforcement through open dialogue and shared community pride.

Improve home ownership stock- Building towards making home ownership more sustainable and possible.


Improve Garvin Park facilities- Update and add to public restrooms, fountains, renovations to bandstand and shelters.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Youth & Lifelong Learning Goal

Building up opportunities for learning, education, and personal development that span every stage of life.

Action Items:

Pre-school support (0-4)- high quality early learning environments that provide 2 generational impact.

Growing alternative learning paths that allow neighbors to grow in their passions, gifts, and talents.

Building on the Dream Center- a long standing neighborhood-based organization dedicated to empowering students and families to grow in self-sufficiency through a comprehensive cradle to career continuum of supports and services.

Developing safer city streets that promote the security of youth.
Building up the Site Council and PTA at Delaware Elementary School to enhance student outcomes.  


Neighboring &
Community Goal

Nurturing a community of neighbors who belong, collaborate, and grow together.

Action Items:

Develop a pipeline of support with city level leaders to promote advocacy for neighbors.

Tell stories and showcase positive role models in Jacobsville through different mediums.

Showcasing and supporting leaders of all ages that want to see change come to our neighborhood, city, and/or world.

Completing Community Projects that highlight creativity and love for Jacobsville.

Build up JNIA through Community Pride and events like Flower Power and Block parties.

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