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Neighborhood Action Projects 2021

Be the "I" in KIND

Brittany is a Jacobsville neighbor who became involved with the LYN movement in Jacobsville through her Internship at the Dream Center. She learned of the growth happening in the neighborhood that she lived, by the people who lived near her. One of the biggest things Brittany wanted to make sure people knew about Jacobsville was how Kind the people were here. So she found a spot to put a mural, and began building a relationship with the owner of that building. Ultimately, a mural encouraging those who pass it to “Be the I in Kind” now lives on North Main near Bosse Field and the Deaconess Aquatic Center.

Art Enhances the Quality of YOUR Life

Jerry is one of those neighbors who is constantly participating in where the neighborhood is moving. Is there a cleanup day happening in Jacobsville? He will be there. He cares deeply about the image of the neighborhood, and what people think when they hear about “Jacobsville”. Having work in the art industry for many years, Jerry decided the best way for him to work on improving Jacobsville's image was to bring together like-minded people from the neighborhood to showcase some of the beauty that resides here. Jerry used his Neighborhood Action Project to found, and begin marketing for the Jacobsville Fine Arts Association.

Jacobsville Pet Showcase

The Tines family applied for a Neighborhood Action Grant to throw a parade for the pet-lovers of the Jacobsville neighborhood. People from all different parts of Jacobsville came with pets from dogs to turtles! VHS partnered with the Tines family to provide pet owners information about vaccinations and the other services VHS provides to our community. In total we had 5 dogs, 1 guinea pig, 1 parakeet, and 1 turtle as well as their owners!

5 Cooper Alvarez Farm

The Cooper Family are a family who are constantly thinking of their neighbors, before themselves. When the 2021 Action Project Grants opened up we expected to receive an application from Bernard, but we didn’t expect it to take off quite like it has. The Coopers applied and received funding to buy a greenhouse and begin growing plant start ups to give out to those in the neighborhood that could use and grow them. The Coopers not only purchased a greenhouse and began using it to grow their sprouts, but they also began cultivating their personal property to expand what they could grow. They have given out over 500 startups at this point, and have put many more into the ground to be grown. The goal is for the Coopers to begin selling a portion of their yield, to fund next years farm.

Coats for Kids

Tekeia has been a Dream Center mom for several years now. When we publicly rolled-out Neighborhood Action Projects Tekeia reached out already with an entire plan in action. She knew that there are kids at Delaware that are cold when it is winter or fall time. Her plan was simple, she was going to buy a coat for every child that needed one. Obviously, it wasn’t quite possible to buy a coat for every single child in Jacobsville, but she worked hard and found enough coats to give one to 50 kids!

Delaware Teacher Appreciation

Brittany is a college student who knows that teachers are some of the hardest working people in our society. She felt that the majority of them were severely under-appreciated and that nothing would mean more than hearing how important they are to the ecosystems in which they work. She decided the best way to show the teachers at Delaware Elementary how important they are to the kids and families in Jacobsville was to partner with the Delaware PTA and throw an extravagant lunch complete with food, drinks, deserts, and gifts.

To get more information about Action Projects 2022 please visit the Dream Center at 1516 N Main Street or feel free to reach out to Cobus Morgan at

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