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Be the "I" in KIND

Brittany is a Jacobsville neighbor who became involved with the LYN movement in Jacobsville through her Internship at the Dream Center. She learned of the growth happening in the neighborhood that she lived, by the people who lived near her. One of the biggest things Brittany wanted to make sure people knew about Jacobsville was how Kind the people were here. So she found a spot to put a mural, and began building a relationship with the owner of that building. Ultimately, a mural encouraging those who pass it to “Be the I in Kind” now lives on North Main near Bosse Field and the Deaconess Aquatic Center. Click Here to read about the other 2021 Action Projects, or to learn how to participate in the 2022 Action Projects.

To read more about all of the 2021 Action Projects, Click Here.

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