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September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day

This coming Wednesday, September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day. There are numerous ways to be a good neighbor to those around you. We would love to challenge you to go out and meet a new neighbor, or re-engage with someone you had met a long time ago.

Some super easy ways to brighten the neighborhood and impact someone's life on National Good Neighbor Day are to gift a flower to the lady living next door, or to just step out one morning and say hello to the person walking their dog. Small, intentional acts like these are what makes living in a neighborhood so special. These acts will slowly compound and could build into a lifelong friendship between two people which started purely because they lived next to each other and wanted to be a good neighbor.

We would also challenge you to visit any of our local shops or restaurants in the neighborhood. There are many places supporting local families. To see a full list of shops, restaurants and more CLICK HERE.

Please send any and all pictures of you being a good neighbor, or how you witnessed someone else being a good neighbor to our page or you could post them on Facebook and tag the Jacobsville Neighborhood Improvement Association.

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