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2023 Jacobsville Neighborhood Action Project Report

In 2023 Dream Center Evansville was able to award $6000 in Jacobsville Neighborhood Action Projects to 7 projects within the neighborhood. 5 of these projects were new awardees, while 2 were return project awardees. Each project represents a quality of life goal, identified within the Love Your Neighborhood brochure. The purpose of Neighborhood Action Projects Grants is to have an immediate and positive impact on the quality of life in the neighborhood, to activate residents of all backgrounds in the neighborhood vision, and to bring residents’ ideas to life through resources and funding. 

Ted O’Connell received a grant to hire off-duty police officers to patrol up and down North Main Street with a focus on reducing theft of goods from Dollar General. The goal is to create a secure environment for community members, promote local businesses, and deter theft and vandalization. Through this initiative, we hope to see North Main Street become a safer more inviting place for residents and visitors alike, contributing to the overall well-being and economic development of Jacobsville.

Pictured below: Dream Center Evansville's Neighborhood Development Coordinator Cobus Morgan with Ted O'Connell as he receives his check.

For the second year in a row, Jacoby Cooper received funding to update some of his equipment to continue cutting neighbor’s hair. Jacoby is hoping to update his equipment and well as load up on supplies to be able to do multiple styles. If you would like to see some of Jacoby’s work or learn where he will be cutting next, you can follow him on TikTok @Jacobyc2

Brandy Lester is looking forward to being able to give back to the community and help where she can. Brandy received funding to begin building a small food pantry within her house, to help those in need in Jacobsville. Brandy also will offer insurance and tax help to those who could use help within the neighborhood. Brandy will be utilizing to help get the word out about when her assistance will be available to neighbors. 

Alyssa and Kris Ferguson received money to help assemble and stock more little libraries throughout the Jacobsville neighborhood. Currently, there is a little library at the Dream Center and there are plans for one to be built at Jacobsville Park as well as at the corner of Louisiana and Eichel. Alyssa says the plan for the libraries is to have them completed and posted throughout the neighborhood in the Spring of 2024. They are looking for book donations, if you have donations of gently used books you can drop them off at the Dream Center at any time. Alyssa says the reason for wanting to build the libraries is because when more books are made available, people are more likely to read them. 

Karen Bottom is a Jacobsville neighbor who is looking to turn a side lot next to her house into a spot to host outdoor events and be able to give back to the community. Karen hopes to host revivals, and cookouts, be able to distribute food, and help with other needs of Jacobsville residents. Karen plans on working with local businesses as well as the Jacobsville Neighborhood Improvement Association to get the word out about events and plan things neighbors want to see happen. 

In 2021 Jerry Cummings received funding to start the Jacobsville Fine Arts Association. This year Jerry received funding again, to help bolster the Association along with their social media presence. As a result of this funding, the Jacobsville Fine Arts Association hopes to see a changed perception of Jacobsville that would bring pride to our citizens and become a focus for new businesses. Jerry and the JFAA hope to be able to host events and potentially classes in the neighborhood. 

The seventh and final Action Project Grant awardee is Lakesha Milan. Lakesha applied for money to continue a childcare program that she offers. Happy Hearts Child Care is open to serve children and families in the Jacobsville neighborhood. For more information about Happy Hearts or information on how to connect with Lakesha, you can email her at

Pictured above: Dream Center Evansville's Neighborhood Development Coordinator Cobus Morgan with Jacoby Cooper as he receives his 2023 Jacobsville Neighborhood Action Project Grant.

As updates come in about these projects make sure to stay updated with the and the ForJacobsville Facebook page. We will hopefully have picture updates and any details that may come about for events that arise due to Action Project completion.

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